Employment Law


Employment law is a very important area of law because of the importance of the regulatory role which it plays in the work places. Though contractual obligations are always in place, but both employers and employees always fail to abide by the rules hence breaching the terms of their contractual agreements. Employment law can be relied on to seek compensatory award from employers who did not follow due process in making their employees redundant.

It is very important for workers to know their employment rights. It is always easier if there is a written contract of employment so that any aggrieved employee can always take it to employment solicitors for employment advice. Employment disputes can arise in different ways but the most common disputes are: Unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal and discrimination at work due to age, sex, gender, race or religious belief.

It must be noted that it is always advisable to approach union representatives if there is workers union in the firm. It can save cost and the advantage is that they are very good in giving employment law advice because they always follow employment law updates and they are conversant with employment legislation. Most union representatives can negotiate a successful outcome on most employment matters which may prevent termination of employment. Besides, the government is trying to encourage people who are aggrieved and want to seek redress through the Courts to consider Mediation Services. The reason is that it would reduce the number of cases that are heard in Courts. Cases that are resolved by mediation usually leave less animosity between the parties than when cases are resolved in Courts. But I must point out that mediation is not mandatory. However, in employment disputes, The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Services (ACAS) which is a government agency has the job of brokering settlements usually at the early stage.  But if the parties reach agreement without ACAS before hearing, a compromise agreement could be drawn.

This article is not a guide on how you can resolve your employment matter on your own because circumstances which gives rise to employment disputes differs. If you have employment problem, we will advice you on the appropriate steps to take.

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