Immigration Law


People come to UK for different reasons which may be either Visit, Settlement, Studies, Business etc. Also some people come to the UK to seek Asylum for Humanitarian Protection. Unfortunately, circumstances always force a lot of people to find themselves in the wrong side of UK Immigration Law. But it must be noted that immigration Law is not about people who found themselves on the wrong side of UK Immigration Law.

UK as an international destination for tourists, students and entrepreneurs, controls these movement of people with immigration Law. As a member of European Union subject to Brexit, a lot of European citizens exercise their right to freedom of movement which allows them to move to any member state of EU to take up work and also live in that country with full access to public services as enjoyed by the citizens of that country. Immigration Law is used to coordinate all these in and out flow of people.

Apart from tourists, majority of immigrants that come to UK either come to study, business settlement or join their spouses or families. However, for those people to be able to stay in UK, they must have Leave to Remain granted by the Home Office. The process of granting both visa and Leave to Remain are most times challenging. Even the Home Office usually get it wrong and refuse to approve most eligible applications which usually end up in Tribunal where immigration Judges overturn most decisions. If you make an application to the Home Office and it is refused, try to contact immigration solicitors immediately to ascertain your position. The lawyer will advice you on the appropriate steps to take. As already stated, the Home Office make some irrational decisions most times and if that is the case, it can be challenged and the likely outcome would be reversal of their decision.

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